Exhibit 1:
6th January – 3rd March 2003

The first in the exhibit series in Spring 2003, showcased a range of projects from different disciplines. These included learning, animation, design, enterprise, and research.

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Digiboarding project documented by Rough Magic Films ltd.

Children aged 10-14 years from the Liberties area in Dublin learned to record and manipulate images and sounds from skateboarding through cameras placed on their clothing and on the ramps in a purpose built skate park. They edited the live footage and in real time using the then ground breaking AVP software. The results were short films and animations of their skateboarding journeys.

Socially minded snails by Aoife Ni Mhathuna, Connor Upton, Neil Farrell & Kenn Coleman

Socially minded snails is a graphical communications tool incorporating Web and SMS technologies created by Aoife Ni Mhathuna, Connor Upton, Neil Farrell & Kenn Coleman.

Night Out by Monster Animation

An animation about a social encounter by Monster Animation.

Butterfly by Glenn Marshall
Glenn Marshall’s first short, 'Butterfly', a hypnotic, abstract meditation on life, death and rebirth. It picked up multiple awards from New York to Dublin, was a British Animation Awards Finalist, and featured at the London Film Festival.

Night Bus by Desperate Optimists
This 40 minute film was made by Desperate Optimists (Christine Molloy & Joe Lawlor) with local community groups from London, Hull & Nottingham, and it tells three micro narratives full of melancholy and yearning that captures the every night urban theatre of after hours.

Keeping Time by Katherine Moriwaki
A media installation which uses realtime weather data to evoke a sense of global interconnectedness.

Havok is the world's leading developer of middleware for the video game industry. Used by the world's most renowned game developers- including Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Activision- Havok's cross-platform, professionally supported middleware technology is available for the PlayStation®2, PlayStation®3, PSP(tm), Xbox(tm), Xbox360(tm), GameCube(tm), and the PC.

Havok's middleware products have also been used to drive special effects in movies such as The Matrix, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; and is the dynamics driving 3ds max from Autodesk Media and Entertainment.
Website: www.havok.com

Last Clock by Jussi Angesleva & Ross Cooper:
Last Clock is like a familiar analogue clock, it has a second hand, a minute hand and an hour hand. The hands are arranged as concentric circles, the outermost being seconds, the middle represents minutes and the innermost – hours.

The major difference to a regular clock is that the hands of ‘Last Clock’ are made from live video feeds and as they rotate round the face, they leave a trace of what has been captured by the camera. Thus the clock face displays the last minute hour and last 12 hours as it’s history.

IPO Madness by Jonah Brucker-Cohen:
IPO Madness is a slot machine that when the lever is pulled, generates a random 5 letter dot-com URL (ie www.ABCDE.com) which is then looked up online. If the website exists, then the lights go off and sound plays and you’ve made your IPO!

Parallel by Conor Curran:
Parallel was developed as a part of the Music and Media technologies MPhil programme in TCD. It is a music visualisation tool concerned with the subjective aspects of Synaesthesia.

Octree.faces & Promos by Tim Refern @ Pixelcorp
Octree.faces is an installation that composes a dynamically changing collage of a moving picture from a live camera feed. Using a database of images from the Internet, the installation chooses and scales iomages to match the colour values from the incoming video feed. The resulting dynamic collage can be manipulated by the audience and finally be printed for permanent record.

Digital Creative Communications
A showcase of work by design company, Digital C.C.

Robot Killing Models & Promos by D.A.D.D.Y.
An animation by D.A.D.D.Y.

Interactive 3D Gallery by Digital Media Centre @ DIT
The interactive 3D Gallery (i3G) is a modular system for planning and presenting the atmosphere and content of galleries and museums as interactive environments for use by the public and gallery staff.

He jumped & kicked & spun & twirled by David Donaghue
A video piece by David Donohue

Space Synapse Systems by Anna Hill
Anna showcases work that has been undertaken by her company Space Synapse, based in The Digital Hub.

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